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Application For ECA Membership...

To download an ECA membership form and send it in to the ECA office, please click here.


Environmental Care Association Membership

A Symbol of a Commitment to Excellence Since 1977

The premier voice for Idaho's tree, lawn care and pest management industries to protect the health and property of our clients

ECA Objectives and Purposes:

1. To unite any and all individuals, firms, corporations, and any other associations of persons using pesticides or allied chemicals for the purpose of eliminating, controlling, exterminating, or preventing infestation of any vermin, arthropods, rodents, parasites, termites, fungi, weeds, insects, and all other pests which may be found in the state of Idaho.

2. To foster the business profession of said individual, to reform abuses, and to secure freedom from unjust and unlawful actions.

3. To create a greater spirit of mutual cooperation and friendly feelings among its members through networking opportunities.

4. To foster educational and business relations of the members; to broaden their interest in the pursuit of their profession and to continually improve the standards of the industry.

5. To encourage members to promote and maintain in their business practices a higher standard of conduct and of ethics.


Products and services performed by ECA for it's members:

  • Free listing on the ECA website
  • Logo slicks for stationery & yellow pages
  • Annual convention and trade show
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Recertification sessions
  • Voice in legislative issues
  • Oportunitites to network and exchange information


For more information please contact:

Executive Coordinator, Ann Bates at

ph 208-681-4769, fax 208-529-0832, email: abates@ecaofidaho.org

to have an application sent to you.